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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to factor all of my company’s account receivable?
A: No you do not. At Treasure Valley Factors we allow our clients to pick and choose which accounts they wish to factor.

Q: How quickly can I get funded?
A: You can get funded within 24 hours. Our clients can choose from several different options as to how they will be funded.

Q: How do I know which of my customers you will factor?
A: You provide us with the information on your customer and we do a free credit check to see whether we can factor them or not. Most requests can be accomplished within 24 hours.

Q: What is the difference between factoring and a bank loan?
A: With factoring we are purchasing your accounts receivable. This is a single transaction which you only pay the one time fee. Factoring allows for simple transactions with minimal paperwork.

Q: How does factoring benefit my company?
A: It allows you to get cash immediately for the work you have accomplished. These funds are immediately available to pay bills, buy supplies, or fund any need you might have.

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