Learn about Factoring


Factoring is selling your accounts receivable or invoices to a factor (factoring company) to get paid quickly for the work you have done. This is a great solution to improve business cash flow and working capital without taking out new loans to cover business expenses or to grow your business.

The main difference between factoring your accounts receivable and taking out a loan is that you avoid taking on new debt in order to get your money within 24 – 48 hours with factoring. Factoring is a flexible solution that helps your company reduce debt, improve equity, and make your assets work for you. Factoring also has a shorter approval process than applying for a loan. Treasure Valley Factors will make an approval decision within 48 hours of a complete application submission.

So how does it work?

When you factor with Treasure Valley Factors you send your invoices and supporting documentation to us. We then purchase the receivables less a discount. This allows you to get paid on your invoices as quickly as same day or next business day instead of a few weeks. Treasure Valley Factors then handles collections on the invoices that are factored saving you time and money. Factoring accounts receivable enables our clients to spend more time developing and growing their business and less time doing paperwork and collection calls.

Treasure Valley Factors has the ability to fund you the same day. We provide fast credit reviews of your customers. This allows you to keep up with the speed of business.

With Treasure Valley Factors it’s easy to get paid and get back to growing your business.


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