Testimonials for Factoring



“Billing and invoicing have been my least favorite parts of being self-employed… UNTIL… I was referred to Treasure Valley Factors. I know when to expect my payment, I know what’s in my account and I can control my finances. My stress level has been reduced by 95%. I can’t say enough about Treasure Valley Factors and have referred them to several people in different businesses but with similar needs.” -H.B. | Certified Residential Appraiser | Henderson, Nevada

“I have been sending some invoices to Treasure Valley Factors and it has made a world of difference in my cash flow. The process is simple and takes a huge load off my mind. I heartily endorse these good people at Treasure Valley Factors and I know they will do the same things for you and your company that they have done to mine.” -B.G. | Certified Residential Appraiser | Fruitland, ID

“Treasure Valley Factors offers a service with a huge benefit for appraisers! Not only that, they are kind and accommodating above and beyond any other business. It’s been a real pleasure working with this company.” -K.B. | Certified Residential Appraiser | Austin, TX



“Treasure Valley Factors has helped (our) business grow. We have been able to do more work and receive better pricing from our suppliers because of our better cash flow management from factoring.” -A.L. | Engineer | Nampa, Idaho

“Factoring is so simple, and can help so many businesses if they just knew or understood what it was. Cash flow management, without the complications of the banking industry!” -J.E. | General Contractor and Board Member | Boise, Idaho



“Treasure Valley Factors provides an invaluable service to businesses that wish to spend more time building their business and delivering to their client base and less time chasing accounts receivables for invoiced goods/services. Cash flow is KING to small and medium business and factoring via Treasure Valley Factors can simply and cost effectively bridge the gap that often exists.” -T.A. | Marketing Pricing Analyst | Boise, Idaho




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